rot_ksamp, n, p, k=2, noise=True, degree=90, pow_type='samp', **kwargs)

Rotates input simulations to produce a k-sample simulation.

  • sim (str) -- The name of the simulation (from the module) that is to be rotated.

  • n (int) -- The number of samples desired by sim (>= 5).

  • p (int) -- The number of dimensions desired by sim (>= 1).

  • k (int, default: 2) -- The number of groups to simulate.

  • noise (bool, default: True) -- Whether or not to include noise in the simulation.

  • degree (float or list of float, default: 90) -- The number of degrees to rotate the input simulation by (in first dimension). The list must be the same size as k - 1.

  • pow_type ("samp", "dim", default: "samp") -- Simulation type, (increasing sample size or dimension).

  • **kwargs -- Additional keyword arguments for the independence simulation.


sims (list of ndarray) -- Rotated data matrices. sims is a list of arrays of shape (n, p+1) or (n, 2p) depending on the independence simulation. Here, n is the number of samples and p is the number of dimensions.

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